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Automated Bookkeeping Processes

CANDIS is a software that automates manual, recurring bookkeeping processes in SMEs with artificial intelligence.

How CANDIS improves bookkeeping processes

Candis takes over these tasks for you

Automatic compilation of your invoices from emails and from over 500 + online portals such as Amazon

Extract all data including maturities and cash discounts

Smart creation of payment lists

Assigning receipts to account movements

you need to only

missing documents about Candis shop-don't worry, Candis will tell you exactly which documents are missing

Pay bills by mouse click - So simple that you no longer have to type in any billing data!

More than just an accounting software

CANDIS works with artificial intelligence to simplify your toilsome and time-consuming accounting processes, such as gathering up invoices.

Presentation of invoice receipt from various sources

Documents from different sources automatically in one place

CANDIS gathers accounting documents such as invoices and receipts automatically from emails or from over 500 online portals such as Amazon, Google or Facebook for you.

Just forward all the documents to CANDIS. The software processes and sorts them automatically for you. You don't have any other accounting software.

Accounting software with OPOS overview

View receivables and Payables today

CANDIS extracts document data with artificial intelligence and recognizes its own maturities, cash discounts and sorts your documents in a periodical and clear manner by document type.

You pay bills directly from CANDIS and you never have to re-type billing data such as IBANs or invoice numbers.

Unexplained Items in accounting software

Keep track of transactions that are missing documents

CANDIS automatically matches account movements on bank, credit card and PayPal accounts with your invoices. You always see which transactions miss invoices.

E-Mails from your tax advisor with inquiries about missing documents are therefore a matter of the past.

Data transferring facilities of CANDIS to DATEV companies online

Pass accounting data to your tax Office

CANDIS offers a number of interfaces to the preferred accounting software of your tax advisor. Your tax Advisor can easily transfer the data.

CANDIS supports the DATEV format, ASCII format and is an official DATEV XML interface partner.

CANDIS is a professional financial software for 

Accounting Assistants
Ready to go

CANDIS runs without installation in your web browser - on any device. Your existing data can be imported within minutes.

Easy and efficient

Usability and ease of use are at the forefront of CANDIS, enabling efficient and fast accounting processes.

Certified data protection

All data are stored on ISO-certified servers in Germany. We focus by the development of CANDIS according to applicable data protection regulations.

Excellent customer service

Our customer service is unbeatable. We are available for our customers by phone, email and chat. Our customers often send a specific emoji in response to our service: ❤ ️

Over 10,000 users rely on Candis

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  • Julius Wolf Testimonial
    "Candis has made our bookkeeping easier, more efficient and clearer."
    Julius Wolf
    Managing Director, Goodlife Company
  • Nora Selfapy Testimonial
    "The great thing about Candis: It structures accounting processes and takes up a lot of annoying activities-in short: 60% time savings."
    Becky Baldwin
    Founder, Selfapy
  • Rightmart Testimonial Philipp Willoughby
    "For me, Candis stands for a high degree of automation! Your claim is clear: it is still better. Twice as fast as before we are already!"
    Philip Willoughby
    Managing Director, Rightmart
  • Janika Hildebrandt Testimonial
    "CAndis is just great! Feedback is immediately recorded and implemented."
    Janika Han
    Bookkeeper, original unpacked

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